1. Resspectful treatment with all users, especially with our staff.

2. No Channelhopping (fast switching between multiple channels).

3. No harassment, no soundbots, no trolling, no voicechanger, no inappropriate volume.

4. No advertisment for other teamspeak servers, websites, YouTube-channels/videos, etc.

5. No racism, extremism, offensive, annoying, unreadable, suggestive avatars, nicknames, messanges, conversations etc.

6. The staff has not to justify itself to users/lower staff in any ways.

7. In the Public / Private sector are annoying background noises forbidden, echos and the playing of music is prohibited.

8. The instructions from the staff is always to be followed.

9. A Channel-Admin has always the full decision right about his channel, as long as it doesn't violate the rules.

10. The asking/beging for a rank is forbidden.
In the event of a violation against the rules above, the sanctioned staff can decide about the severity of the punishment himself!

The staff reserves the rights, to change or to add the rules at any time.
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