If you have any more questions feel free to contact us
„Play4Voice“ is a public and international TeamSpeak Server for every target audience out there! Spread out with your friends and feel free to use every service on our server.
Yes it is! You can find out how to create one for yourself on "creator.play4voice.com".
If you are active enough on our server and make it to level 50 then you automatically get the server group "VIP" and for the special people that reach level 100 you get "VIP+".
Thanks to our simple and automatic system you can create a permanent channel for you and your friends directly from our website and through our TeamSpeak server. ("*If you need sub-channels, please contact one of our admins)".
Yes you can! If a user is bothering you, you can mute, block or report him directly to one of our admins, otherwise you can come directly to the "Admin Waiting Room" and our team will take care of it.
You can reach our TeamSpeak server through our domain "Play4Voice.com" or use our nicknames as a connection target, "Play4Voice" and "P4V".
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